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 In order to truly understand this brand and the vision/story for rosequartzvibes, you must first understand the founder, creator and CEO- Danielle Morgan-Brown.  Like so many people's stories, this one starts from a deeply personal place.  As a former hospice and palliative nurse, it was EXTREMELY easy for my personal energy to be depleted without me even realizing it.  I loved helping my patients and supporting their families through the most undeniably difficult times of their lives- if for no other reason than the fact that I wish my siblings and I had that same level of love poured into us when we were losing our own Mom to Cancer-.  I was amazing at my job but at that time I didn't realize the concept of pouring from an empty cup.  I received a promotion from nursing to consulting and moved into a role where my role required me to be energetically available to give the "there's nothing more the doctors can do" conversation and it really, really took a toll on my mental and spiritual health by way of increasing depressive episodes where I needed to shut the world out and increasing social anxiety(which was very strange and out of character for me). My husband and I had also just experienced a personal loss that accelerated those seemingly foreign but rapidly effective emotions and feelings.  I had started looking into breath control and wanting to meditate a year or so prior but I knew I needed something immediate, something that packed a punch to help me increase my energy(whatever that meant).  Fast forward a little, and after making the intentional decision to seek a non- pharmacological alternative to healing myself from the inside out, I found Healing Crystals! When I tell you it just was this huge breath of fresh energetic air, I don't think I can quite do it justice.  Between my rapidly growing crystal collection of books, bracelets, raw & tumbled stones, rings and necklaces coupled with my prayers and renewed faith God, I felt unstoppable and still do!  So much so that they helped me to realize that I was more than capable of starting my own company!  Woah!! I know right, that seems like a huge leap of faith but the confidence I had in myself and the energetic balance that I felt being restructured daily was more than enough for me to realize that the families I was dealing with as a consultant needed someone that could help them from the inside, an advocate with knowledge specific to their needs because you just don't know what you don't know.  Lean on Dee senior care advocates and now homecare services were born form the ashes of what felt like the darkest moments of my life because of my relationship with the Divine and connection to this beautiful earth by way of my healing crystals.  Now comes Covid, with more time than ever to slow down and dive deeper into my meditative-mindful practice coupled with all that I had already known about crystals, spirituality and the lot, I decided to begin making my own bracelets to embrace the energy that I wanted to embody.  At that time they were function over form so they weren't as amazing as they are today *insert nervous laughter haha* to say the least but I practiced and began to make them for my family and friends. I got so good at my creations that my family and friends told me I should start selling them. It was pretty hard to brush that off with a laugh when I so quickly began seeing the results of my bracelets in those closest to me as their lives AND mine were all changing so rapidly- and for the best in ways we wouldn't have imagined otherwise.  Everything that is created is made with loving intention, I truly want you to feel that everything that is made was just created for you.   I especially want my creations to empower  you to realize that the change you seek is already within you! Every single bracelet, body oil, body butter, necklace/chain, ring, raw or tumbled crystal, piece of clothing is all things that I personally use or believe deeply in! rosequartzvibes creations are designed to remind you of your own personal power and intention!  Some people like to wear healing bracelets just for looks which is cool too, but the goal is for them to remind you of the specific intention you set or what called you to that piece in from the start. for example: Tiger's Eye  is known to help you feel more confident.  Every time you look at your wrist- you will be reminded that you are confident! The crystals already carry that energy- but its amplified with your own personal intention so its made to be and feel even more successful.   I also want everyone that wears our creations to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.  Fill yours and let it overflow out to those around you.  Living this way gives those closest to you the courage and inspiration to do the same and so on which will eventually spill out into the world as a whole.  My purpose is to spread love and remind people of their own personal power and I am so grateful you have stumbled into this space.  Stay, look around , ask questions via email or via social media DM.  Much love and Joy to you and your loved ones!


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